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Jun 9 12 8:39 PM

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I'm not hiding myself anymore. I've had a lot of experience, and too much hard work to do so now.
My name is Parker Chace.
I've been modeling, mapping, texturizing, and coding (not as well) for a long time.
I first did it for half life, then quake 2, and now quake 1 (in this case, NZP).
I've been making my own creations in NZP for a long time. Not to be heard of, or seen before..I wanted to show some of my work. since i had to wipe my harddrive a while ago, all my maps are gone. I will make textures, requested models and maps (not requested by) every now and then.
Btw, I also have a specialty for making gun models, just not the animation part. I suggest if someone were to work with me, that they are animators as well..
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