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Jun 5 12 9:41 PM

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My map is based on my home city's old jail which the locals call spell it like "Gaol".
This place is popular for concert's for local bands, I went to a punk concert there and I immediately
thought to myself "NZ map". :3 (Not quite finished yet but its playable, I still feel a lot more can be put into it)
Hope you like it and I'm very scared of the competition I'm up against XD
Images :3

Download link
I would very much like your harsh criticism <3
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Jun 8 12 2:11 PM

Re: NZP Map [Old Gaol] Mapping Competition
This map is.............F*$#ING AMAZING
Very nice detail,like the teddy bares in the PAP room it is just awsome thumbs up
But....unfortunatly the NZP Mapping Competition is over.You might be lucky if they just let it slid but anyway this map is very good like the detail and nice textures

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Jun 10 12 11:06 AM

Re: NZP Map [Old Gaol] Mapping Competition

Mapping competion is not ended yet.We have extended the time to 15 of this month. So you have about 5 days now to finish your map

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