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May 29 12 2:33 PM

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This was actually the first map that i have ever created. It was just
improved a lot after i heard about this contest to make it the most beast map ever. U-Bahn is german for underground (at least thats what google translate told me).
Story: This was the bunker in which Hitler commited suicide after the final days of WW2. This is also the place where he heard about element 115 from dr. maxis. After the war, many german moved some of the "experiments" to this underground encampment. The problem with that was that the area underground was teaming with dead bodies from the war. And with the element there spreading across the ground, things got worse.


was going to release it today but then i heard of the time extention so i'll improve it even more.

This map does work for psp. However, the map freezes entirely when i look at a specific direction. i dont know whats wrong with that but i'll figure it out.
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