May 5 12 12:44 PM

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This is a simple tutorial how you can add a nice Skybox to your maps (both Q1BSP and HLBSP format).
This is for Darkplaces and any other PC engine with skybox support.
You can use any size for your skyboxes, but you should keep them around 256x256 or 512x512.

1st step:

Make a small skybrush or use the sky texture from the zhltools wad.
Create a box around your map and put your skybrush on it, should look like this:

2nd step:

In Worldcraft / Hammer Editor go to your worldspawn and add your skyboxname in the
sky entity. My example map here is using the skybox "day":

3rd step:

We want to use the skybox for a daysetting, so just grab a nice skybox from the internet (look on
gamebanana for the user karatekäfer, he has done some nice skyboxes) or make your own and rename them
like seen in this screenshot and put them into your gamefolder in the gfx/env folder..

Example: Quake uses "id1/gfx/env", NZP uses "nzp/gfx/env"

"bk" means back, "up" is for up and so on...

4th step:

Compile your map and run your game, you will now see the new skybox in action

For converting your skyboxes to PSP format look here:


Works with Kurok and ProQuake engine, but remember: They eat ram!