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May 4 12 7:12 AM

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In this thread i will show and post my already released NZP maps.
No BETAS and WiPs, only finished stuff

Castle of Doom:


NOTE: You NEED the external textures from the last NZP, like the
barbed wires and the wood_rail thing, without that you will see only pink stuff.
map is in HLBSP format.

Alternate waypoint pack:

Haus des Grauens (House of Evil):


NOTE: The Pack a Punch is eating your weapons sometimes, and the
map doesnt run on the PSP from the console, only when you are renaming
it to a "preset" map (Wahnsinn etc..)
Map is in Q1BSP format.

Survival Map Pt.1

Just done for fun:

one room, 4 windows, one buyable Sawnoff Shotgun
HLBSP format.

Have fun!

If you want to see some WiP maps and other BSP trash (lol) go to our forum:

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