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Apr 27 12 12:26 PM

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Hello fans and girls. We are proud to announce something big, not as big as release, but big still. Our first mapping competition

Rules are following:
1. You can’t use already made map, you have to make a custom map specially for this competition.
2. Of course you can’t use any other user map to apply to the contest.
3. Map must be made and use our game entities.
4. It must have at least four rooms.
5. You have to make properly working waypoint system for your map.
6. Map must be clean, without any leaks, or overlapping textures.
7. You have to include your custom textures in to bsp file.
8. Finally you have time from (28 of april 2012) to (28 of may ) it’s exactly one month.
9. Use hlbsp if possible

Rules may change during the competition if needed.

You may post your progress and applications in forum, do not use moddb's comments to post your map. You may post multiple maps, but you may win only once.

There are going to be three prize places. First one gets his or her custom map made for this contest, release along with new game version release. Also if he or she wants, they are allowed to give any other custom map they have built, it doesn’t matter it can be old map too, also you get admin status in our minecraft server. Second, place again gets his or her map from the competition added with the game release and op status in our minecraft server. Finally the third place also gets his or her contest map released with the game.

So grab your favorite mapping program, paper and pen and start mapping.

Good luck you all.

(for thouse with no mapping skillz dont worry. We have some plans for you )

Taking part? (Result)

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#2 [url]

Apr 27 12 2:48 PM

Re: NZP Mapping Competition 2012

I am almost wanting to make a map for this, or at least port a map for it. I'll keep it in mind, I can do some cool shiz with this

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#7 [url]

Apr 29 12 10:46 PM

Re: NZP Mapping Competition 2012

Heck, I am IN!

I map I WILL finish

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#14 [url]

May 7 12 11:49 PM

Re: NZP Mapping Competition 2012

Yes. You might want to create a bit "cleanish" version incase someone feels offended.

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