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Mar 13 12 3:57 PM

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These are the options i use that give me more fps, faster game play, and loading time.
System Settings
Turn on memory stick speed up to game. This will speed up the memory stick when ever you are playing a game. This will result in faster loading times.
Clock your CPU to 333/166 for game. This will speed up game play but lower battery life slightly.
If you are running at 6.60 pro-b9 , then under your advanced option in your recovery menu, enable inferno & np9660 iso cache, change your "inferno & np9660 cache size (in mb)" to 23. I'm not sure what this does but i guess because it's a cache, if you increase the size the more space you will have in the cache for whatever it is used for.
Game Settings
In your options menu of nzp, turn off anti-aliasing
Turn on mipmap and set the amount to the max (this will lower the texture quality by a lot)
Max out the maximum fps.
Turn off dynamic lighting.
Turn texture scale down on.
Turn off VSync.
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Apr 7 12 4:33 PM

Re: How to get more frames in the beta (nzp psp)

jastolze wrote:
Hey, is the ISO Cache MB changeable in 6.20 Pro-B10? Or is it for 6.60 only?

Im not sure, try checking. If there is no option under your recovery menu then i guess you'll have to upgrade to 6.60.

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Apr 15 12 3:46 PM

Re: How to get more frames in the beta (nzp psp)

@cheap0Sho7 But...that will make the zombies look wierd :{

they look really skinny from the side and during gameplay they will knock u down cuz u wont see them.

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May 29 12 2:53 PM

Re: How to get more frames in the beta (nzp psp)

i use 5.00 m33-6 and all i had to do is change the cpu clock to 333/60 or something like that and it works a whole lot faster.

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