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Here it is as I promised. Okay many people have started mapping. It is probably one of the easiest parts of quake/half-life modding. But if you want to make nice maps it can be very difficult. Let's start with obtaining the files


-WorldCraft 3.3 +Quakeadapter (and tex mex for your own textures. not needed) : http://quakeone.com/qadapter/

-Kurok texture, Kurok entities: download Kurok Entity Definitions file for WorldCraft and Kurok Texture Wad for WorldCraft: http://www.bladebattles.com/kurok/files.html


-install WorldCraft to (YOU HAVE TO INSTALL HERE FOR THIS TUTORIAL) C:/Program Files

-when you're done install quake adapter

- When quake adapter has finished installing, go to program files/worldcraft/textures and place the kurok.wad file there

- In the textures folder run all-wads-to-hlwad (if you are running on Vista or Win7 you must run it as administrator or it won’t work)

Go to the WorldCraft folder and place the quake-defs-by-czg.fgd file there.

Files you have installed


We are not yet ready to map, we have to configure WC (WorldCraft) to work. Open WorldCraft and go here

Then here

1. Click edit (2) there click add and name it to Kurok or anything you like
2. Select Kurok or whatever you name it from drop menu and go to game data files and click add (3). Search your quake-defs-by-czg.fgd file from WC folder.
3. Then from the top of the option box textures and press add WAD
4. Go to the textures folder and select kurok.hlwad
5. Click ok and you are done.


Okay let’s start by showing each tool

1 The selection tool. The tool for selecting entities and blocks
2. Zoom. Left click for zooming in, right to zoom out
3. Nothing special for me
4. The entity tool. This tool can place entities like lights, spawn points, etc.
5. The block tool this is the most important tool. With this you create everything on your map
6. The texture browser. You can manage textures here
7. Nothing special yet. It is like a shortcut for texture application
8. Decal tool
9. Clipping tool for cutting your blocks
10. Vertex manipulation. You can make your cube into anything like a pyramid. If not used right it can cause invalid solid structure errors
11. Path tool
12. The camera view you can see your map (note you can change these but they are defaulted on this)
13. The top view of your map (note you can change these but they are defaulted on this)
14. The side view (note you can change these but they are defaulted on this)
15. The front view (note you can change these but they are defaulted on this)
16. The grid size. You can manage how big you can make things
17. When this tool is enabled, you are able to choose a single block/entity that is grouped but without ungroup
18. The run tool. When your map is done this is final step. Shortcut key is F9
19. Textures. Here you can select texture when you create block
20. The object tool. Here you can manage the block tool for creating cube,cylinder and add prefabs

Let’s create a small room

Okay create a new map. Choose Kurok (or whatever you named it) and it should look the same as my big picture above. Then here is your map. Nice, it isn’t Cheesy, okay let’s start. Click block tool and make a box. Now go to your top/front/side view and push and drag the cursor you should see a box created in every 2D view. Create a box so in the top view it is 6 blocks by 6 blocks and in the other views they are 3 blocks tall

Then go to texture ( 19) and choose the texture you want to use for your block. Then move your mouse inside the box and right click it. You should see a drop down menu and the option create object. (It is also the only option) click it and see you have a box but in 3D view you only see a wireframe. In 3D view you should see a box with the text CAMERA click it and select 3d textured and you should have textured objects on the screen. Then click your box with the selection tool. You should see it turning red. Go up and select the tools button and select make hollow (Ctrl+h shortcut). A little menu should pop up saying something like 32 as default. Just click ok and your box turns hollow. Now go inside your box in 3d view and you should notice there are textures inside them. Click your box and it turns red. Just press un-group selected objects next to the IG button. Now click the floor. Magically it turns red but everything else is clear. MAGIC!

Now when your floor is highlighted click texture application. The menu like above should pop up. There you can edit your floor block’s texture just select the texture you like and press apply, TADAA! Your floor is now textured.
Do this step for your walls and roof. (NOTICE that when you are in texture application mode if you select a wall it will highlight only the side of the block you selected. This is very useful when creating and applying textures.
Now your map is visually done. Tt should look like this:


So the map is visually done. It means that you have textures and blocks done. Now we will add weapons, spawn points, lights, etc to the map

The players spawn point. Click entity tool (4) then in in object menu (20) select info_player_start click on 3d view wherever you want to spawn. Now use select tool and select entity you just created make sure by moving it on 2d view it WONT TOUCH ANYTHING or you will spawn inside a block. Repeat this but use info_player_deathmatch instead of info_player_start( this is spawn for multiplayer game). Now you have a spawn point. Let’s add a weapon, the BOOM HEADSHOT. Go to entities and select Weapon_shotgun. IT IS A SHOTGUN place it anywhere inside box, final thing add a light. Search entities and select light, place it to the center of roof TADAA your map is done.

Run it in quake

So the map is done, now we have to test it. There are two options :
If you have Kurok/Quake on PSP take path 1. If you have kurok/quake on PC take path 2.

Go to options from tools

Select build program

There you should have kurok in your dropbox, there are empty boxes. (if not ignore this step) browse and go to wc/quaketools. There are a bunch of exes and programs, this is what you select

game exe..... -> your pc's quake exe (if you dont have Quake PC ignore) won't work with Kurok this is for automatic game launch when you run your map
csg exe... -> nomapversion
bsb exe... -> txqpsp
vis->vis (duh)

Then there is one left.
path 1. Browse folder and put them somewhere you can find it
path 2. go to your quake/kurok folders and go ID1/maps (if there is no maps directory create one) and select maps folder done

Now you just hit ok.

Press run (18) or hit F9. If you haven't saved your map you need to save it. If you have quake pc (NOT KUROK) don't tick "don't run game" if you have kurok pc or psp quake/kurok tick dont run game. Then just everything is checked normal and hit run. Tadaa! When done close the window. If you have quake on PC it will start automatically.

Run game on psp or kurok pc

path 1. Connect your psp to usb mode and open its folders. Go to your games folder/id1/maps you should have your map's bsp file compiled somewhere you put them. It is in the same place as the above option ''place compiled maps before running game'' option and there should be your bsb file. Drag that inside maps folder, done just run the game from psp open console and type "map yourmapname" Do not add .BSP to the end and map should be loading.

path 2.

Same as above instead of psp files go to your kurok folder in pc

Ff there is problem ask then

Thx to jukki for tut (jukki=me if you dont know)
I fixed some grammatical and spelling errors. -Jason

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