Mar 12 12 3:48 PM

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This tutorial was made by UndeadPleco

Okay, i have made two scripts.
To use them: Open notepad, paste in the code, and save as NAME.bat in the same folder as FitzKurok.exe is in. The name doesn't really have any requirements, except for the extension .bat

Heres the first script:
[code]@echo off
set c=0
echo Available maps:
for %%X in (ID1/maps/*.bsp) do echo %%~nX
set /p i=
if not exist "ID1/maps/%i%*.bsp" (
echo Map not found.
goto start)
for %%X in (ID1/maps/%i%*.bsp) do set i=%%~nX
echo Starting %i%
FitzKurok -kurok -window -width 1400 -height 800 +map "%i%"[/code]

Usage: Click it and it will show you a list of your maps. Simply type in the name, or just first few letters of it, and it'll load the map. This is the script I use.

Heres the second script:
[code]@echo off
for %%X in (ID1/maps/*.bsp) do (
if exist %%~nX.bat set i=%%~nX& goto start)
echo Starting %i%
FitzKurok -kurok -window -width 1400 -height 800 +map "%i%"[/code]

Usage: Rename the .bat file to the map name which you want to load. It will then, on first click, load the map instantly. If map doesn't exist, then simply no map will be loaded.
This method it recommended if only you work on one project at a time.